Familiarity with the Farvardinegan celebration

27 April 2021
Familiarity with the Farvardinegan celebration
Written by Maryam Rahimi

Familiarity with the Farvardinegan celebration

We Iranians have our ceremonies and we hold glorious celebrations and ceremonies that are part of our Iranian history and culture, some of which are held today in a limited way. Farvardinegan is one of the famous Iranian celebrations that few people know about today. It is interesting to know that in Zoroastrianism when the names of the month and the day agree, they celebrate that day.

In the Zoroastrian calendar, on the 19th of Farvardin, a festival called "Farvardinegan celebration" or "Frodog" is held, which belongs to Farvahar. Farvardin means Farvahars, and the month of Farvahars, and this celebration is held in honor of Farvahars. Therefore, Zoroastrians on this day, recite the Avesta, worship God, and go to the tombs, pray, and give alms for the mental happiness of their dead. There is a similar celebration in other religions and it is called the celebration of the dead; Like the celebration of the praise of the ancestors of the Indians, which is held like the Farvardinegan. This celebration is held with the same ceremonies among the Zoroastrians of our country, especially in Yazd, which today is more popularly known as the (Frodog) celebration.


What is Farvahar (Forouhar)? 

Zoroastrians believe that Farvahar is a light from God that exists in the body of every human being. Farvahar is the protective soul of man that exists before birth and remains after his death. That is Farvahar, every human being joins his source after death.

Another belief of Zoroastrians about Farvahar is that human beings do not affect their pure and heavenly souls and only human beings on earth suffer because of their sins in hell. The reason is that in Zoroastrianism, the Farvahars are pure and helpers of the Ahura Mazda forces. The Farvahars help Ahura Mazda in the battle with the devil and prevent the devil from escaping from the bright world that she had entered by force. 







The reason for holding the Farvardinegan celebration

There are no mourning rituals in Zoroastrianism; Therefore, they hold ceremonies to carnival the dead and believe that the souls of the dead should share in their joys. Therefore, one of the ceremonies that are held in the month of Farvardin for the joy of the souls of the dead, is the Farvardin celebrations.


How to hold Farvardinegan celebration

As we have said, Zoroastrians go to the temple on the 19th of Farvardin and light incense and frankincense on the graves of their dead for their happiness and peace of mind. Also, flowers, plants, fruits, candles, and lorks are placed at the head of the tomb. Lork is a mixture of seven raw dried fruits such as raw pistachios, raw almonds, raw hazelnuts, leaves, dried figs, dates, and berries. It is interesting to know that its ingredients change on different occasions.


In the Farvardinegan celebration, the lorks are placed in a night tent in front of the priests and a few priests for the priests to recite to them and bless them. Then, the priests distribute the lark among the people by tying the tents to their waists. Besides, on this day, they cook the holy bread (Daroon) which means inside and in Avesta is called the valley of Ono, and distribute it among the people. Also, sesame bread and another loaf of bread called sork, which is made from sesame oil, are distributed among the people. ‌





Another act performed by the priests in the Farvardinegan celebration is the ceremony of reciting the creations. In this ceremony, the priests wear special white clothes that they use to perform religious ceremonies and perform prayers on the graves in memory of the dead and sing special songs of this celebration. It is interesting to know that the celebration of Farvardin is a kind of prayer or in the term of Muslims, collective mourning for the happiness of the dead.


Among the different areas of Yazd city, the Farvardinegan celebration is more prosperous in the present century. In Yazd, this celebration will be held in detail from 4 pm on the 19th of Farvardin, but in Tehran, due to daily activities, not everyone can gather in one place at a specific time to hold this celebration. Therefore, the celebration of Farvardin has not been held coherently for several years, and anyone who can go to Firoozeh Palace at any time from the 19th of Farvardin to hold this celebration.

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