The adventure tourism experience in Iran

12 May 2021
The adventure tourism experience in Iran
Written by Maryam Rahimi

The adventure tourism experience in Iran


As young tourists look for excitement and gain new experiences in their travels, they turn to tourism and adventure sports. Adventure sports with a combination of danger, speed, and height, are among the fascinating pastimes that convey the peak of excitement to the fans of this sport. Every year in Iran, many tourists go to adventure tourism to experience and spend their leisure time. It is good to know that every corner of our dear country Iran is full of exciting activities, new and amazing sports, which you can experience interesting and unique adventures in mountainous areas, seas, deserts, and forests.


It is good to know that, you do not necessarily have to experience things like free jumping and shark diving to be an adventurer. Although both of these activities are part of adventure tourism, you become an adventurer as soon as you put yourself in a situation beyond your comfort zone. Therefore, you will face more risks on an adventure trip, of course, the amount of these risks is not the same in all activities, and the adventurer can choose one of the types of adventure tourism sports according to their interest and risk. You need to keep in mind that when you go on an adventure trip you may not come back from this trip, so the important thing is to be fully aware of the dangers of the activity you want to do.


Types of adventure tourism

Today, since the range of adventure tourism is very wide, then, the ease or difficulty of adventure tourism can be calculated based on the number of risks ahead. Some of the popular activities of this type of tourism are underwater diving, sky diving, sky running, mountain biking, Wakeboarding, etc. Here we are going to introduce some of these fun adventurous activities that you can do on your travel to Iran.



underwater diving



Underwater diving

As water activities are an important part of tourist entertainment, diving is one of the most exciting and popular water recreations. It is interesting to know that the very high diversity of sea creatures as well as the pleasure of swimming with these creatures is one of the wonderful experiences for adventurous tourists. If you are not trained for diving, do not worry at all because you will be given the necessary training before diving.

The Persian Gulf region is one of the most suitable, beautiful, and favorable diving sites in our respected country Iran. This region attracts many tourists every year due to its rich and beautiful ecosystem. Therefore, by traveling to the south of the country, you can enjoy swimming around fishes and aquatic animals and create a good memory of your trip.



Another branch of adventure tourism is the thrilling sport called Wakeboarding. In this sport, enthusiasts use short and wide boards such as surfboards and perform acrobatic movements while being pulled by a motorboat. The remarkable thing about this exciting sport is that, unlike surfing, it is better to do it when the water is completely calm and still.


Sky Diving

Sky diving or free-fall parachuting is one of the exciting aerial adventures that you can make an unforgettable memory of your trip for you. In this sport, a person rides an air vehicle, such as an airplane or a helicopter. Depending on the type of jump, adventurers jump with full equipment such as a parachute and altimeter. Then at a certain height, after a free fall, they open their parachute and land slowly. Interestingly, this sport is not only dangerous, but also it is one of the safest sports in the world, and if you follow the rules, you will not be in any danger.


Sky Running

The exciting sport of sky running, which in Persian is called mountain running, is one of the free activities in the mountain environment. Although it has its dangers, it attracts a lot of fans. The definition of this exciting sport is running in mountains with an altitude of more than 2,000 meters where the slope is more than 30 degrees but the difficulty of climbing is not more than 2 degrees. It's interesting that this exciting sport has newly been known in Iran, so I can boldly say that this sport can be one of the best experiences of your life.



sky running



Mountain biking

Exercising is one of the most enjoyable activities in the world, so having an exciting pastime improves a person's mental and emotional state. The sport of mountain biking requires endurance, strength, balance, and complete mastery of cycling. Focusing completely on your path and not losing your balance or control facing any obstacle in your way is so vital in mountain biking. Sub-branches of this sport are called: Cross Country, Cross Country Marathon, Dirt jumping, Four Cross, and Pursuit Competitions.


Adventure tourism, like all other types of tourism, affects the environment, economy, and social space of communities. An interesting point is that tourism in remote rural areas and less exposed places will lead to the economic prosperity of local residents. In other words, tourists can buy local food, handicrafts, and agricultural products which has a positive impact on the economic conditions and living conditions of indigenous peoples in these areas, and traveling to unknown areas can facilitate cultural exchange, which certainly plays an important role in the exchange. Cultural and social status promotion of communities.


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